• Great service, prompt. trustworthy, well priced I have been using Everclean maid service for several years. They do a great job, are prompt, trustworthy and well-priced. I would recommend them highly!

    Chandri N
  • Absolutely would recommend them. Everclean Maid Service is outstanding. For the most part, the same crew comes to our home to clean and they always do a tremendous job. They arrive and clean the place from top to bottom. We’ve been using them for over a year and I can only say that they leave our home in magnificent shape. The prices are great and the service is marvelous. I’ve worked in the service industry for close to forty years and can say with confidence that their attention to detail is amazing.

    Joyce B
  • They Never Disappoint Me I use Everclean Maid Service about every other month but it varies depending on what I need. They are very fast, efficient, and they can make your house sparkle within less than an hour. They send out 3 people and they are all very friendly. It looks beautiful once they are finished, I mean it looks like a hotel. I think for what they do the pricing is very reasonable, since they send 3 people out and get things done very quickly. An example of how thorough they are is that they will actually vacuum clean the carpet twice, not just once. It really makes a big difference. They are super thorough and efficient. They’re very trustworthy too, you don’t have to worry about them stealing or being rude or anything like that. I highly recommend them. It’s well worth the money, they never disappoint me.

    Terry F
  • 20 years of great service! Everclean Maid Service has been cleaning our home for over 20 years. I completely trust them to be in my home when I am not there and to lock up when they leave. I have not seen them in many years. It is always so nice to come home to a clean house. They do an amazing job and are a great company!

    Tom G

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