We use a house cleaning checklist while cleaning houses.
These have always kept our staff focused on what needs to be done.


      • Clean and sanitize toilet & tubs
      • Clean and sanitize sinks & showers
      • Clean mirrors and glass
      • Dust light fixtures and bulbs
      • Wash floors

      • Wipe down cabinets
      • Clean appliances outside
      • Clean refrigerator & oven
      • Clean and sanitize sinks
      • Sweep and wash floors

      • Make beds
      • Change sheets
      • Dust furniture
      • Vacuum floor
      • Put away clean laundry

      • Clean washer and dryer exteriors
      • Clean lint traps
      • Empty wastebasket
      • Sweep and mop floor
      • Clean laundry sink and fixtures


Established in 1986, we at Everclean Maid Service realized early on that in order to be recognized as a leader in house cleaning locally, we had to be reliable, trustworthy, and deliver quality work to every cleaning job we took on. Over the past 30 years, our high standards and conscientious work ethic is paying off. Today, we are proud to say that in Northern Virginia and the surrounding communities, we are the preferred choice for residential cleaning. Time and again, our customers come back to us because they know what to expect: exceptional cleaning, prompt service, and competitive prices. To ensure we always deliver the quality of work expected by discerning residents in the Northern Virginia area, we treat every job we take on, big or small, with the attention to detail that has become our trademark.

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